6 Safe Internet Banking Tips For Online Banking

safe internet banking

Online banking is nice and convenient . But it comes with certain risks. Frequently, we hear about Some people being robbed at ATM and banks, or fake online transactions, Calls that asks for ATM Pins , So online accounts are also has a point of vulnerability. Now, What we can do for Safe Internet Banking to Make Our Online Payments and Transactions as Safe as Possible ?

Safe Internet Banking Tips For Online Banking

Follow these 6 Safe Internet Banking Tips to Avoid the risks of Online Transactions, Net-Banking and Online Banking :

  1. If you use Internet Banking then you should change your Account password frequently . Also Don’t store your password in your computer or anywhere online, you can remember it by writing your password offline secretly .
  2. Don’t use public computer for Online like – cyber cafe’s & Others computer . Only use your own PC and Mobile for online banking and transactions . Remember to Delete Browser cache and history in case you use someone’s Computer for online transactions .
  3. Use only licensed Antivirus Software Programs in your computer which you use for Internet Banking and Online Transactions .
  4. For safe Internet banking you have to make sure that you use only those websites who Start with https:// Server Extensions . Because it means that the website is secure and your account information is private . So you can use them for Online Banking and Transactions .
  5. Type website URLs in the address bar of your browser for safe internet banking and avoid spam . Because if you use google search to go to your banks website , In mane cases you landed to a similar website which looks exactly as your Bank’s Website . And if you Give then your Account information then you might have a risk of Online Spam .
  6. For Safe Internet Banking you should know that A bank never asks for your ATM pin , Date of Birth or any other account related information via Phone call and e-mails . Contact your Bank’s Branch or Customer Care if you Get any of these calls .

So. Here We’ve Listed 6 necessary Safe Internet Banking tips for Online Banking. That you should remember before making Online Payments and transactions . Share this Information to your Friends and family so they can also avoid facing these Online Security Problems .

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