How To Increase Jio 4G Speed In Your Smartphone

Increase Jio 4G Speed

If you’re Searching for Tricks to Increase Jio 4G Speed you’re at the right place. because here we Gonna tell you Some Very Easy ways To Increase Jio 4G Speed .

Reliance Jio welcome offer was very successful from Last 3-4 months. Reliance Jio took over the millions of users from other mobile networks. But for that reason they were not able to handle that huge amount of users into Reliance Jio Network . In result , Jio Users Suffer from Slow Internet speed and Calls .

But, Don’t Worry. Here you get Some Jio Internet Speed Tricks which you can use To Increase Jio 4G Speed in your Device with your Jio Sim . Read more To Know How To Increase Jio 4G Speed .

How To Increase Jio 4G Speed

There are so many tricks to increase Reliance jio internet speed which can give you better results , We’ve Listed Best Methods that can help you to increase Jio 4G speed in your device .

1. Insert Jio Sim in Sim 1 Slot

To get increased internet speed in Reliance Jio you have to Insert your Jio Sim in Sim 1 Slot of your Mobile phone . That’s One of the main reasons why you get less speed in a Jio 4G Sim card . So if you inserted your Jio Sim in sim 1 slot you should try to insert it to Sim 1 Slot .

2. Try to Change APN Settings

If you’ve already inserted Reliance Jio sim in Sim 1 Slot then, you have to change your APN Settings . To change APN settings just Go to settings of your 4G smartphone and Choose Mobile networks option .

Now, Set Preferred network type to LTE & Save. Then go to Access Point Names (APN) and Scroll down to ‘APN protocol’ option and make it IPv4/IPv6 .

In ‘Bearer’ option you have to choose ‘LTE’ And Save all settings. Now Turn on your data and Check your Internet Speed . We hope you’ll Get better speed .

3. Use google Server to Increase Jio 4G Speed

You can also use google server to increase Reliance Jio Internet Speed . To Use Google Server Just Go to your apn setting & scroll down to the server section and type & save settings. Now Reconnect your internet & check your Internet Speed.

4. Increase Jio 4G speed using VPN Servers (Without Root)

There are So many VPN Freely available on Google Play Store which you can Install to Increase Jio 4G speed . VPN allows you to Access banned sites of your country by Connecting to A Server of Another Country . You can use Free VPN Servers to Get Increased Jio 4G speed .

You can Download Opera VPN from play store. It’s Unlimited and free . After opening, you will see the list of countries. Just select nearby Country And Tap on Connect Button .It might not get connected in first attempt, keep trying. Once the connection is established, try to download some files to check downloading speed. We hope this Method definitely work for you .

5. Change your Browser

If you still get Slow internet Speed you should Clear your browser cache and cookies . Also use UC Browser to Download files because if gives you Best Downloading speed in your mobile phone .

You Should Restart your Mobile phone or Open Aeroplane mode of your Smartphone for a Moment. Because, It helps to Refresh your mobile network and Get the Best Signals Possible . In Result, You Get Increased Jio 4G Speed in your Smartphone .

We hope these little tricks work well for you to increase Jio 4G speed in your Device . Comment Below which one works Well for you . Also share this to your Friends and Family so they also Increase Jio 4G Speed in their 4G Smartphones .

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