How to Sign Up For Whatsapp Beta

Becoming A Whatsapp Beta Tester Give you the the Power to Check out latest updates of Whatsapp with New features before its Official Launch . You Can Give Suggetions to App Developers What you like & what you Don’t . You Can also Ask for more Features that you want in Next Whatsapp Update . Read on to Know About Becoming a Whatsapp Beta Tester .

How to Sign Up For Whatsapp Beta

Becoming a Beta Tester is a Simple Process which takes less then 5 minutes of your life . Also remember that you Can be able to make video calling after installing Beta Version of Whatsapp in your Android Smartphone .

  1. Open Play Store in Your Android Device
  2. Now Search for Whatsapp & open Downloading page of whatsapp in Play Store
  3. You have to Scroll Down to the end & you’ll See this Option

  1. Now Click I’M IN
  2. Just wait for few minutes & it will complete the process Automatically
  3. Now you’ll Able to install Whatsapp Beta in Your Smartphone
  4. Update your Whatsapp to Whatsapp Beta
  5. All Done Right !

Once you’ve Successfully Sign Up for Whatsapp Beta program & Installed Beta Version of whatsapp , Now you are Ready to Use the Latest features of Whatsapp in your Android Device . Now You Can make video calls to your friends with Whatsapp , But your friend also have to enable beta testing mode in their Android Device with Whatsapp Beta App installed in their Android Smartphone .

You can also Install Beta version By Clicking Here

Note : You may face some Bugs in Whatsapp beta app Because developers are already working on it to make the App more and more Stable .

You can Leave Whatsapp Beta anytime By Clicking Here If you Don’t want to Use this feature Anymore !

Advantages of Becoming A Beta Tester

  • Luxury to Check-Out Latest Whatsapp Features Before it’s Official Launch
  • Power to give a feedback & suggest new Features to add in their Update
  • You can also suggest them what you Like and Dislike in the App.

That’s it . now you’ve a beta tester too . if you’ve face any Problem in the process – comment Below & we’ll help you as soon as Possible .  Share If you Like – Thank you !

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