How to Remove Shortcut Virus From Your PC (Explained)

Shortcut Virus

The first thing you know about Removing a virus is that it should be deleted only with an Antivirus . But the worst thing happens when these Antivirus Didn’t able to find the shortcut virus at all . Don’t worry If your PC or Laptop is affected with this Virus . We’ll explain you how you can remove shortcut virus from PC & Laptop .

What is Shortcut Virus

This is a New modern type of Virus which automatically comes in to your PC From Virus affected Pen Drives , Memory Cards & USB & Converts all of your content into a form of shortcut , sometimes Shortcut Virus makes your content invisible in your Pen Drive while your storage still shows full .

Shortcut Virus Problem is non removable with any anti-virus program available out there . When you try to scan for virus infected location in your PC with the help of an Antivirus , it reply’s that “No Threats Detected” . Those who didn’t know how to Remove shortcut virus , They Perform a Format of the Infected Storage .

Formatting the Infected Drive is not a Genuine Solution For Removal of Shortcut , We Don’t recommend you to Format your Drive again if that Storage contains Anything Important .

Shortcut virus Usually comes from Internet, third-party Software & USB Storage . Sometimes you Exchange data with your friend’s PC & you didn’t know that your friend’s PC is Already Affected by that Virus .

Now, when you Connect that Pen Drive with your PC then the Virus automatically Comes to your PC & start its process in Background .

Remove Shortcut Virus From Pen Drive

Follow these Steps to Remove Shortcut Virus Using Command Prompt (CMD) :-

  1. Run Command Prompt As Administrator (Windows Key + R Then Type CMD – Now, Press Enter – Right Click on CMD & Open as Administrator & Start Command Prompt )
  2. Now, Connect your Infected Pen Drive, SD Card or USB with your PC .
  3. Perform A virus scan of that disk & Delete the Virus if found .
  4. Type Following Command in Command Prompt – attrib -h -r -s /s /d X:\*.*, (Where, X is the USB drive letter) and press Enter. (For example: If your drive letter is D, then the command is attrib -h -r -s /s /d D:\*.*)
  5.  Now copy all data of your USB Disk Drive & Format it .
  6. Once Done, Copy your data back to USB Disk Drive .

Now , All Shortcut files are Fixed working as Normal .

Fix Shortcut Virus Using Software

I recommend you to Download USB Disk Security if you’ve faced this Shortcut Problem with your PC . I’ve face this problem too but After installing this tool I have not faced this problem again .

Shortcut Virus

You Can Download it Here

  • Download USB Disk Security & install
  • Launch it & Connect your USB Disk with your PC
  • Perform A USB Scan with USB Disk Security
  • Now, it will show all viruses present in that USB Disk
  • Mark all Virus & Delete , Now Format your USB Disk

USB Disk Security also Prevent viruses From Enter into your PC . So keep it in your PC . You Can also Use Command Prompt Method to Restore Shortcut Files In All of the Drive in your PC .

If Both Methods didn’t Work For you then , You can go for Re-installing windows which will definitely Remove Shortcut Virus .

We’re hoping that this will solve your problem . if you’ve faced any problem then Don’t hesitate to comment below , We’ll try to solve your problem as soon as Possible .

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