How to Fix Google Play Store Errors in Android Device

We All faced this problem at some point when trying to download apps on our android phone . Sometimes apps will start download but after that it doesn’t install & your device shows an error message & in most cases download doesn’t Start at all. Don’t Worry, here we Provide you all of the possible ways that can Fix Google Play Store Errors in Android Device .

Check Date & Time Settings in Android

Google always check time and date of a smart phone before connecting to the server so if your smart phone Date & time isn’t correct then it may cause some issues with your smartphone .

Google Play Store

You have to configure the time & date settings of your Smartphone so that google play store can easily sync your device & start working like always .

To configure the time & date settings of your smartphone you need to go to the settings of your android smartphone, now scroll down under the system you’ll find Date & time . tap on it & here you have to check if your Device has switched to Automatic time Zone or not , you have to turn on the Automatic time Zone ,

If it doesn’t work try setting your time and date manually , you have to turn off the Automatic time Zone setting then enter your current time & date manually and save it , Now check that Google play store Errors fixed or not .if not Don’t worry there are still many other ways to Fix Google Play Store Errors .

Clear Google play store Cache

The cache is a type of storage area that temporary holds data to retrieve when needed without having to load the data again & again , Clearing Google play store Cache sometimes lead to fix the problem in your Android Device .

Google Play Store

To fix Cache data of your Device simply Go to settings from the home screen in your android . then go to Application manager or apps , it depends in your device . find google play store & tap in it . here you have to clear the cache of the apps to fix google play store errors in your android device .

Check if this fixes your problem or not. if not then you should delete google play store data completely , if you still facing Problems check out our Another solution here .

Install latest version of Google play Services

Installing latest version of google play services can fix the problems of google play store , because google play services sync data of the play store in background & process it to connect to server .

Google Play Store

To update google play services you have to go to the settings of your play store , Now tap on general here you are able to see when google play store update apps . Tap auto updates anytime which allows play store to Update apps over mobile networks .

Now, connect your device to internet it will auto-update google play services & we hope that your problem was fixed .

Check your Recently Disabled Apps

Sometimes we disable apps that runs in background or sucks our Data . But , if you’ve faced errors in play store after disabling any android app then you have to enable the app . also check that Download manager is also enabled .

Google Play Store

to check your disabled apps you have to go to setting in your android device. then go to application manager – apps – Disabled . now just hit the enable button to enable any disabled app .

Uninstall Google play store previous updates

Generally, when we face problems in any android app we uninstall & reinstall the app which starts working after after re-installing . but we cannot uninstall google play store because it’s a system app . so we have to uninstall previous updates of google play store .

Google Play Store

to uninstall previous apps of google play store just go to the setings – apps . then slide to all , their you find google play store and tap uninstall apps , now check play store again .

if it still does’nt work then read our last solution to fix google play store errors .

Factory reset your Android Smartphone

if you’re still facing errors with google play store after trying all of the above solutions then , You Doesn’t have any option other than a Factory reset .

Google Play Store

To perform a factory reset you’ve to go to settings – Backup & reset . then click on the factory Data reset option & it will restore your device to its factory version . this will definately Fix Google Play Store Errors in Android Device .

Note : Backup your Data & Contacts to your memory card of google drive Before performing Factory Reset in your android smartphone .

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