How to Create a Google AdSense Account (For New Bloggers)

google adsense account

Google AdSense is the first thing you know before you Started your Journey as a Blogger . The First thing you need to Know is How to Create A Google AdSense Account for your New Blog . As a New blogger you have to Sign up For Google Adsense To Monetize your Blog . Here we Provide you A Step By Step Guide to Create A google Adsense Account as a New Blogger .

Requirements to Create A Google Adsense Account

  • You Must have a Website or Blog To Sign up For Google Adsense
  • You have to be Above the Age of 18 before you Sign up
  • Your Website Must Follow Adsense Program Policies

How to Create a Google AdSense Account

Adsense Recently changed their Account Approval Process & includes following Steps of Approval . Also Read their terms & conditions before Creating a Google Adsense Account .

  1. Sign Up For Google Adsense
  2. Place Google Adsense Ads to your Website
  3. Wait while they Review your website
  4. They either Approve or Reject your Websites Based on your Content

Note : Your website must have Original & High quality Content in order to Approve your Google Adsense Account .

Creating A Google Adsense Account Step By Step

First thing you have to Do is to Sign up For Google Adsense

Google AdSense Account

If you Have a Custom Domain with the Email of that Domain (Ex- [email protected]) . Then you should sign up for a new account with that custom email address because it increases the chances of Adsense Account approval for that Domain .


If you Didn’t have a Custom Domain You Can Sign in with your Existing Google Account .

Google AdSense Account

You have to enter your Website Address & Preferred Language in this form & use your blog address for your blog . Also Avoid the use of http:// in starting of your blog address .

Submit Your Adsense Application

In this step you have to enter your contact information & Your Personal Details, Address, Name, Etc . Somr people make lots of mistakes here but if you follow this process you didn’t have to worry about anything .

This is the most Importent part of your Adsense Application so you should enter your personal Details Accurately .

Now , Review that your Personal Details are Accurate & fix if you’ve made any mistake . Once Done ! Click on the submit button .

Now you’ve Sucessfully Created your Google Adsense Account , Wait till Google responds to your application by emails . Also read Adsense Program Policies to Understand how google approves Adsense Account .

I hope this guide can help you creating an Adsense Account . If you’ve any question about this topic feel free to ask in comments below !

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