5 Best & Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Make money online is the best thing one can do over the world of internet , But if you have proper knowledge & you’re passionate about it only then you can Make money online .

There are Two things you need to know to start make money online –

  1. What To Do
  2. How To Do

Here we tell you 5 Best & Easy Ways To Earn Money Online & in Future Posts we Provide Step By Step Guide to Earn Money Online .

1. Make Money Online By Blogging

Blogging is the best way to Make money online . There are lots of bloggers who earn more than enough money with Blogging . You have to start a blog & post some article by writing about any topic you’re interested in .

There are Lots of ad networks who wants your ad space to Display their Advertisement in your website & they will pay you money for that . if your blog gets high number of Organic Traffic (Traffic for Search Engines) then you’ll earn good money by a blog .

2. Make Money Online By YouTube

YouTube is the Second best platform to earn money online in which you can make money monetizing your videos , YouTube is a very good way to earn because you didn’t have to spend any type of money to start earning from YouTube .

You have to Capture a Video & Upload it on YouTube & you Get money if people watch your Videos . There are lots of Youtubers who earn a decent amount of money by Creating Good Video Contents .

3. Make Money Online By Freelance Writing

Writing as a Freelancer is a good option if you’ve want to work by writing posts on someone else Blog . Successful Freelance writers earn 50 cents to 1$ per word on average . I wouldn’t recommend you to Start your carrier as a freelance writer just for money Unless you’re interested in writing .

Some Popular Freelance websites to earn – Toptal , Upwork , Freelancer & LinkedIn

4. Make Money Online by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a Different way to make money & it usually depend on CPA Basis , You have to choose and Promote A Product & you’ll get some % of money if someone Buy that product by your referral link . Some Affiliate marketing networks gives you 30-50% revenue share of that product you sell via your Referral id . You can promote the product in your Blog/Website & social media platforms like – Facebook , Twitter & Google Plus .

Some Best Affiliate Marketing Networks – Amazon Affiliate , ClickBank & ShareASale

5. Make Money Online By Selling Your Product

it would be the best option for you to earn money online If you have a product to sell . You can sell your Product like EBook , Videos , Images or any Property you Own with some famous websites , if you did’nt have any of them yet , You can write a ebook about a topic you’re master with , Remember that you have to provide High Quality Product to users . you can Sell Your Product to websites like – Amazon , Clickbank & ShareASale .

Now, You know 5 Best & Easy Ways To Make Money Online . Comment Below If you Face any Problem .

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