Quick Guide for Rejected Adsense Account with (Insufficient Content)

Rejected Google Adsense Account with Insufficient content ?

Many Bloggers are facing problem with the Approval process of Google Adsense . Even when we apply for Adsense in this Blog , Google Rejected Our Adsense account with the massage of insufficient content . But We Managed to Approve Our Google Adsense Account just After a Week .

Is your Adsense account was also Disapproved for heaving Insufficient Content on your Site .

I Know It’s Disappointing But Don’t Worry Just Read More Because, It’s not the End of your Blogging Carrier .

Here we’ll give you all information you need to Approve your Google Adsense Account .

Quick Guide To Approve Rejected Adsense Account (Insufficient Content)

In this Quick Guide I Explain You How I Managed to Approve my Adsense Account for Blogsmart.Net . I Also Give you Some Great information that you Surely Need to approve your Adsense Account .

We all know that Adsense is the Best advertiser network For Publishers as well as Advertisers . And they need more publisher to meet their advertisers demand . But They Approve Quality Sites Only, To maintain their quality of ads and their ad network . Now, as your application is rejected for heaving Insufficient Content on your Site , it means that your blog is missing Quality Content on your site which you need to work on to make it better.

When we have to Re-apply for Adsense account ?

For me when i apply for Adsense with only 14 Posts in my blog i Got Rejected Adsense Account for Insufficient Content . But i work on it and re -applied after 2 weeks with only 24 posts in my one month old blog . But this time i got Approval of Adsense account for my blog .

So, If your Adsense Account get Rejected for Insufficient Content you also have to write some good quality posts and follow these steps below .

  1. First I Suggest, To Read Adsense Program Policy and Traffic Quality Guidelines .
  2. Now, Write 20-30 quality posts on your Blog with 100% original Content .
  3. Have at least 50+ Traffic from Organic Search Engines
  4. Must have a nice layout and website design
  5. Finally, Re-apply For Google Adsense
  6. Put ads on your Blog and Start your Earnings .

What’s Next ?

That’s all, We hope this Article will help you to Approve your Rejected Adsense Account for Insufficient Content . if it still get rejected you have to choose From These Best Ad Networks with (Fast Approval) . if you follow these tips your adsense account was surely Approved . Comment below if you’ve get Approved Account after Applying these tricks . Share if  you Like !

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