How to Enable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification Security Feature in Android

WhatsApp two-step verification

WhatsApp recently introduced some more advanced security features that you should enable to secure your chats and privacy.¬†WhatsApp two-step verification is a security feature that gives extra security to WhatsApp accounts and Privacy. Today we’ll explain how you can enable WhatsApp two-step verification in your Android devices .

What is WhatsApp two-step verification Feature

Two Step Verification is a new security feature of WhatsApp which works as an App Lock in android devices. In detail – When someone inserts your sim card to their Mobile Phones and try to Sign up for a WhatsApp account with your Number, it will Ask them to write your Verification Password.

User don’t be able to sign up for whatsapp with existing mobile number unless they enter the Password. It also Randomly Asks you for the Password to Open your WhatsApp Account which is very useful in some situations .

WhatsApp two-step verification

How to Enable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification Security Feature

You can Enable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification Security Feature by Applying the step by step process below :-

WhatsApp two-step verification


  • Open WhatsApp and Go to Settings
  • Now, Click on Account settings
  • Open Two-step Verification
  • Just tap on the Enable Button
  • Now Enter A Six Digit Password
  • Enter the Password again to Confirm it
  • Now enter your Email id (Optional) on the next screen

WhatsApp two-step verification

You can Link an Email Id Just in case you Lost your Password it may help you to Disable two-step verification with your Email Account. WhatsApp won’t Allow the re-verification of the account within seven days of last usage in case of Password Loss.

You can re-verify WhatsApp Account without your password After seven days. But all pending messages upon re-verification will be deleted. If you re-verify WhatsApp Account after 30 days of last usage without your password, Your WhatsApp account will be deleted and a new account can be created after successful re-verification Process.

We hope! You get All the information about WhatsApp Two-Step Verification Process Here. Do Comment your questions, suggestions and Feedback below. Also share this post with your Friends. Good Luck.

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